At NEW ADVENTURES the pursuit begins with an assertion of achieving excellence through hands on learning centers. Carefully planned activities are specifically designed with a child's individual learning traits to accommodate various learning styles. Our age appropriate journey of activities will fill your child with new adventures as we recognize that each child matures at his or her own pace. It is our philosophy to maximize every opportunity for individual learning potential. As all childern love to learn, self-esteem, confidence and independence are fostered. This strong belief allows us to become a part of your child's enriched learning environment.

Our Philosophy


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At NEW ADVENTURES we recognize that the key to our success is the quality of our staff. We take pride in knowing that our Director holds two Masters Degrees in Education and has an Advanced Level Director Credential. All of our lead teachers are required to obtain a Child Development Associate (CDA) or possess a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Education. All of our staff members receive ongoing training in areas of child development and continually strive to keep abreast of current trends in early childhood education.

Our Staff

Our strong belief in a child's learning foundation leads us to our philosophy.

Together, we'll build tomorrow !

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