Private, individual or small group lessons.
​A must have in South Florida.


Creative movement to include jazz, ballet and hip hop techniques.


A great way to introduce discipline techniques and self-esteem building through martial arts.

Parents Night Out

It's a chance for you to get out and have some fun; have a nice dinner, watch a movie or catch up with some old friends. All while your child is safe and secure with our mature experienced staff.

Mommy and Me

Explore and create with arts and crafts,music and movement, language and literature, science and cooking activities for you and your child to enjoy together.

At NEW ADVENTURES we offer a variety of enrichment programs for our students and parents to enjoy

Together, we'll build tomorrow !

Enrichment Programs

   Free Two Weeks Tuition 11-5 Through 12-5-2018

​                       For New Enrollments  

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