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Where Academic Learning Begins

The fun continues during the summer months at CAMP NEW ADVENTURES. All of our preschool and elementary school campers participate in free style water play in our very own swimming pool. Of course a certified lifeguard is always on duty during swim activities. The elementary school campers also venture off to nearby field trips. The movies, roller skating, video arcades, bowling and the zoo are some of our campers favorite outings.

In addition, arts and crafts, sports, media and creative dance are always a fun way for our campers to express themselves at CAMP NEW ADVENTURES.

Summer Camp Program

Together, we'll build tomorrow !

A recreationally based program for students in kindergarten - 5th grade. Activities to include arts and crafts, physical education, media center, dramatic play, cooking experiences and homework assistance. We pick up from 5 locations with our air-conditioned, seat belted bus and vans.

In addition, our after schoolers go to the park on early release days. We also schedule field trips during employee planning days, winter break and spring break. 

After School / Camp

After School Program

   Free Two Weeks Tuition 11-5 Through 12-5-2018

​                       For New Enrollments